Different Types Of Dance Shoes

Jazz shoes, ballet shoes, character shoes, there are so many different types of footwear for dance! If you do not know about the different types, I will explain them below.

Jazz Shoes

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Jazz shoes are typically used for jazz classes obviously, but they can also be used for lyrical, contemporary, and poms. I would say that I wear these shoes the most especially because I have been very involved in these styles of dance recently.

These shoes are stretchy on either the side or the top and have a slight heel on them. Instead of having the elastic part on the top or bottom, some lace up on the top. They also some in a variety of colors depending on the dance, but the most common ones are tan and black.

Ballet Shoes

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Ballet shoes are used in ballet class, but can also be used for other styles too.  The color of the shoe that is most commonly worn is pink, but they can be made in different colors if needed. They can also be worn by both males and females. The only difference between males and females wearing the shoes is males typically wear black instead of pink.

They come in the materials satin, leather or canvas and have one or two elastic bands that strap across the top of the foot. These shoes do not have any hard parts to them making it easy to bend your foot in them.

Character Shoes

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These shoes are becoming more common among theater productions, but their original use was for character or Russian style dancing.

Character shoes are less flexible than the other types of shoes and have a slight heel. They also come in mostly black and tan, but just like the other styles of shoes, can be made in different colors.

I would wear character shoes when I was younger for several hours and eventually they will start to hurt. So, a helpful tip is to wrap your toes in some cotton or lambs wool to make them more comfortable.

Pointe Shoes

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These are the hardest and most painful of all shoes. Pointe shoes are used in ballet classes and require much skill to be able to wear. Usually, girls are not ready to wear pointe shoes until they have reached the age of 12 or 13. Even at this age, the girls need to have much training before they can be approved to wear them.

They are made of wood and covered in satin. Colors of these vary with the dance, but the original and most used color is pink. There are many different options of pointe shoes and what to wear on your feet inside pointe shoes. So, it takes a dancer a few tries to find what really works for them.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these different types of dance shoes and that you found some of it helpful! Feel free to leave a comment letting me know about some other kinds of dance shoes you have worn.


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