Dealing With The Backstage Chaos


Write Act Dance Sing


When it is finally time for tech week and dress rehearsals to begin in the theater, things can get pretty crazy. Do not panic though because there are ways to stay away from the chaos.

First, stay organized. It happens too often that people loose costumes or accessories backstage because it can be very hectic and stuff gets thrown around. If you have multiple or even just one costume, I would suggest putting them in a garment bag with your name on it. This way, as long as your keep your stuff inside that bag when you are not using it, it will not get confused with someone else’s.

Next, if you have a quick change so fast that it needs to happen backstage, put a hanger by your clothes with your name on it so that it does not get mistaken for someone else’s. There is nothing worse than realizing you do not have your own costume on.

Another tip for a quick change is to have your clothes laid out totally ready to be put on. This means zippers down, shoes untied, and extra bobby pins ready.

Finally, do not stress too much. I know this week can seem very scary with the performance coming up in a few days, but take time to breathe. What really helps me is going through my dances in free time that I have. This makes me more confident about knowing my routines for when I hit the stage.

Tech week-the week before a recital or other performance can seem very overwhelming, but in the end all that extra practice for the show will pay off.

I would love to hear about any more tips you have to surviving tech week so please leave them in a comment!


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