5 Stretching Tips

Have you ever seen someone who is just so flexible and all you want to know is HOW??? Well, I am going to share some helpful tips on how you can become more flexible. Being flexible takes time, it does not happen fast. It takes time and repetition.

1.Try To Stretch Everyday

In order for your body to become more flexible, you need to stretch as much as possible. Just doing a few stretches a few times a week will not help you improve. As a result of waiting too long to stretch again, your muscles will just tighten back up.

2. Do Not Over Stretch

Often times we want so badly to be better that we push ourselves too far for our body to take. If you stretch too far too fast, you could pull a muscle or do even worse damage. So take it slow because you will get there with time.

3. Hold The Stretch

In order for your muscles to stretch out, it is a good idea to hold the stretch for several seconds. I know that some people would disagree and say that static stretching is more effective, but I do not agree. I feel as though I get more out of the stretch when I hold it.

4. Have Someone Else Help

Stretching with a partner can be very beneficial because you can only stretch so far by yourself. once you are comfortable in a stretch, it is time to take it a step further. a good way to do this is have someone else push or pull you into the stretch more. Make sure to communicate with your partner though. If something hurts in a bad way, tell them to stop so that you do not get injured.

5. Warm Up Before

Take a few minutes to do some jumping jacks or anything else to get your muscles warmed up. This will help your muscles stretch easier along with lowering the risk of injuries. If you stretch when your muscles are cold, they will be tight and it will be less effective.

These are just a few tips I have picked up on, if you have any others that you would like to share please comment them!


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