Ugly Dance Costumes

ugly costume

Every dancer has had at least one costume at some point in their dance career that they did not like. From the picture above, it is clear that I have certainly had my fair share of ugly costumes. I was a doll in the nutcracker and I was so excited to get this part because the dolls usually had such cute costumes….except for this year. For this nutcracker, my studio decided to add a bell doll which is what I got the role of. So needless to say, I had to dress up like a bell.

If a costume isn’t ugly, it is itchy! Over the years I have learned that sometimes, you will have a costume that is either not cute or uncomfortable. Most costumes have sequins of some kind and usually they are placed in a spot that will rub you skin and irritate it. Then there are the costumes that just don’t fit you right and you have to try a million things to make it wearable.

Even though you may not love the costume, you still have to suck it up and wear it because its not the costume that matters it is the piece you are about to perform.

To be honest, you usually only have to wear the costume for a short period of time and when you are on stage, you really forget about how the costume looks and what it feels like.

If you have had a costume in the past that for some reason was difficult to endure, let me know in the comments. It’s always fun to look back and laugh about those embarrassing outfits.


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